Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Horizon Theory

If the World was Round Wouldn't the Horizon be Curved?

One easy way to prove that the Earth is flat is just to look at the horizon. Notice how the horizon is flat and not round? No matter how far up or how far away you look, you cannot see the curvature of the Earth. Even from very high altitudes like Mount Everest you cannot see the curvature of the Earth


Above is a picture of the horizon seen from the summit of Mount Everest. Do you see a curve in the horizon? I don't. This argument is probably one of the easiest ways to debunk the myth that the Earth is round. At an altitude of over 29,000 feet Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. At an altitude of 29,000 feet you should see a curve in the horizon of the Earth. However at 29,000 feet the horizon is straight. A vast majority of the world is told that the world is flat, and this myth is strengthened through photoshopped images of Earth from space and terribly inaccurate globes. If you are part of that 99% I ask you to take a harder look at why you believe the Earth is round.


  1. Even if it were flat it would still have a curve. It would just curve toward you like a round table does instead of down like a ball.

  2. The thing is, at a ''high'' altidude of 29000 feet, its simply not high enough, the earth is bigger than you think, also around the mount everest its very uneven terrain, go to the ocean and you can see a clear curvature, or go up to 100000 feet, you will see one then for sure,pretty much the answer to all stupid flat earthers is. THE EARTH IS BIGGER THAN YOU THINK AND YOU CAN'T JUST SEE A CURVATURE FROM SUCH LOW ALTIDUDES BECAUSE ITS SIMPLY WAAY TOO BIG.