Tuesday, September 13, 2016

No this is not a joke

You are probably thinking right now that there is no way the Earth can be flat and that it must be round, you would be wrong. Let me ask you this, have you actually seen the curvature of the Earth? No. All you have seen are "images" of the world from space. The round earth theory is just a giant conspiracy to fund NASA created by our own government.


  1. What will be our generation's "the earth is flat"?
    Flat Earth

  2. I have seen the curvature of the Earth from a high building (as little as 26 floors)... Hold a 6'level up to the horizon, or even use the banister the curve is slight, but it's there... I'm genuinely saddened by the fact that people aren't joking about flat Earth... Burden of proof is on you! And saying anything otherwise it's just a bullheaded game of hot potato