Monday, January 9, 2017

Nasa caught Photoshopping

                                              2015                                                                                2002

Can you spot any differences between the two depictions of earth above? I sure can. In one picture the ocean is more dull and less bright on the left while the ocean is more vibrant and bright on the right. The land is also more bright and colorful on the right than on the left. One thing these two pictures have in common is that they are both photoshopped by Nasa. If Nasa were really taking photos of earth from "outer space" there would be no difference between the two images. However Nasa is consistently remaking the image of earth from outer space to be more convincing. The image on the right was created in 2002 while the image on the left was more recent created in 2015. The reason that they changed their "Earth from space" image was that people debunked the 2002 version. Notice that to the left of Mexico on the 2002 version you can see the reflection of a light source. This light source is actually a lamp that Nasa used when creating their 3d rendition of the earth. They corrected this mistake by removing the light glare by making the "earth from space" picture rendition more dull and less colorful.

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Ship Under the Curve Explanation Debunked

Debunking Round Earth "Evidence": A ship does not disappear over the horizon

One of the most frequent pieces of evidence I get from round earthers is that since a ship disappears over the horizon the earth must be curved. This is wrong. The reason a ship looks smaller and smaller until it disappears is simply just a matter of perspective. The further a ship goes away from the observer the smaller it appears eventually the the viewer cannot determine ship from sea and there fore the viewer wrongly concludes that the ship "sailed over the horizon"

You can see that in the diagram above the further away a ship goes the smaller it appears. Eventually line w will intersect line E and the viewer will perceive the ship as disappearing. All round earthers have to do to test this theory is watch ships leaving a harbor. Eventually the round earthers will see that the ships get smaller and smaller until they cannot see the ship anymore. Round earthers feel free to debate me in the comments I look forward to debunking them.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why do Round Earthers Get the Burden of Proof Wrong?

Why do Round Earthers Get the Burden of Proof Wrong?

After a lot of arguing with round earthers I discovered one common theme, they all assumed that the burden of proof lies with the flat earther. This is wrong. To start to address this issue Round earthers must understand what the burden of proof is. In philosophy the burden of proof is the obligation on a party in a dispute to provide sufficient warrant for their position. As a human when I see the earth with my eyes it looks flat (because it is flat), I don't see a curve. It is up to the Round earthers to provide evidence for their theory not the other way round. Until I can find convincing evidence that the world is round I will continue to believe that the earth is flat. Many times I have seen "evidence" thrown around by round earthers that "prove round earth". All of the evidence they provide is problematic. Whenever a round farther provides a picture from NASA that the earth is round it is problematic because the round farther falsely assumes that NASA does not photoshop. Whenever a round earther uses his or her camera to capture the earths curve they fail to factor in the fish eye effect.

I am so confident of my views on the earth that if any Round Earther provides irrevocable evidence in the comment section below then I will shut down this blog.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Flat Earth Proof - Physics of Water

One good reason to why the earth is flat can be explained through the physics of water. Because water is a liquid and gravity exists water fills up a hole or diet in the ground until it is full to the brim. When it fills such objects the water fills it until it is flat. If the earth is flat (which it is) the water would be flat at the top of the place it is filling. This process holds true for oceans, seas and lakes. Some of you round earth believers might ask for evidence, so I present to you the  Bedford level experiment. During the initial experiments Samuel Rowbotham  placed a telescope 8 inches above the water line to watch a boat with a white flag on its mast 3 feet above the water. If the water was curved, the boat (after 6 miles) would have been 11 feet under Samuel's line of sight. However since the world is not curved the boat remained in Rowbotham's line of sight.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Flat Earth Proof - Architecture

One of the main things that makes humans special is the capacity to build. The ancient britons built stonehenge, the Egyptians built pyramids and the romans built roads. As time went on the buildings people built were bigger and more complex. Since the buildings were more complicated more precise calculations like the incline of the ground and stability of the earth were taken into account. However the curvature of the earth was not a factor in any building humans have built. Take for example the Suez canal. The Suez canal is a 100 mile canal built between the Mediterranean sea and the Red sea. When constructed the curvature of the Earth was not taken into account. You would think that over 100 miles the canal might drop 1 or 2 feet but it doesn't, its built without a slope 26 feet under sea level. Other examples of building projects that did not take into account the curvature of the earth into account include but is not limited to the Erie Canal, and the Golden Gate bridge.

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Problem With Conformation Bias

One question all you flat earthers out there might be asking is why do people believe something that is so blatantly wrong. One easy reason for this is confirmation bias. Conformation bias is defined as the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories. Since so many people are indoctrinated to believe in round earth they have a hard time believing it is wrong. It is easier to believe that what you spent so much time and effort believing is right that people go out of their way to find evidence to support that theory even if it is not the best evidence. The best example of this is that when NASA releases a photoshopped picture of the Earth people do not scrutinize it. They just accept it as reality and move on. Additionally since a majority of people (unfortunately) believe that round earth is real, you may risk being ostracized by even questioning round earth.

The image below helps explain what conformation bias is.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why do we Believe in Round Earth?

The NASA Coverup

One of the biggest questions you might have had coming into this blog is why do so many people believe in the round earth conspiracy. The answer to that (at least in the United States of America) is that NASA benefits from it. NASA currently gets 18 Billion dollars (Billion with a B!) from our tax dollars. In order to continue to get our tax dollars they photo shop images from "outer space" of things like our plant "in 3D" every once in a while they will supposedly send something like a probe to Mars or supposedly send humans to the moon. The moon landing was probably the height of NASA deceiving lie. (I will talk more about the moon landing in a later blog). To the right you can see one of NASA's unfinished photo shopped images of the earth from the "Moon". What they did for this picture is probably go to a barren place in Nevada, change the color of the clay from orange to grey. Digitally add some craters to the clay. Replace the blue sky with black (the black would represent space). and then for the most elaborate photo shop digitally stretch the world so that it looks like a sphere. Here they are only partially done with digitally changing the earth.