Monday, January 9, 2017

Nasa caught Photoshopping

                                              2015                                                                                2002

Can you spot any differences between the two depictions of earth above? I sure can. In one picture the ocean is more dull and less bright on the left while the ocean is more vibrant and bright on the right. The land is also more bright and colorful on the right than on the left. One thing these two pictures have in common is that they are both photoshopped by Nasa. If Nasa were really taking photos of earth from "outer space" there would be no difference between the two images. However Nasa is consistently remaking the image of earth from outer space to be more convincing. The image on the right was created in 2002 while the image on the left was more recent created in 2015. The reason that they changed their "Earth from space" image was that people debunked the 2002 version. Notice that to the left of Mexico on the 2002 version you can see the reflection of a light source. This light source is actually a lamp that Nasa used when creating their 3d rendition of the earth. They corrected this mistake by removing the light glare by making the "earth from space" picture rendition more dull and less colorful.




    1. From the article you posted "It's the same image, just adjusted to be more pleasing to the eye, in a similar way to what was done with the 2002 images."It looks like Nasa admits the 2002 version was photoshopped

    2. NASA is not claiming that these are actual photgraphs of the entire planet from outer space. They're in fact spherical 3d models made on a computer, the pictures are just computer generated images (CGI). They're painted by stiching many satellite photos together. The clouds are just another layer painted on top of the landmass and oceans.

  2. Ever used an instagram filter? The color difference doesnt change the fact that you are looking at a spherical world. O_o

  3. As someone who edits photos for a living and deals with photoshop daily all I gotta say you know what people like to see? Just because a company colors a candy it doesn't make the candy fake.

    Images like this are edited(More so then you even think, pretty much everything in magazines also, unless you think everyone has perfect skin also), tweaked to be visually grabbing all the time, this is weak sauce.