Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Flat Earth Proof - Physics of Water

One good reason to why the earth is flat can be explained through the physics of water. Because water is a liquid and gravity exists water fills up a hole or diet in the ground until it is full to the brim. When it fills such objects the water fills it until it is flat. If the earth is flat (which it is) the water would be flat at the top of the place it is filling. This process holds true for oceans, seas and lakes. Some of you round earth believers might ask for evidence, so I present to you the  Bedford level experiment. During the initial experiments Samuel Rowbotham  placed a telescope 8 inches above the water line to watch a boat with a white flag on its mast 3 feet above the water. If the water was curved, the boat (after 6 miles) would have been 11 feet under Samuel's line of sight. However since the world is not curved the boat remained in Rowbotham's line of sight.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Flat Earth Proof - Architecture

One of the main things that makes humans special is the capacity to build. The ancient britons built stonehenge, the Egyptians built pyramids and the romans built roads. As time went on the buildings people built were bigger and more complex. Since the buildings were more complicated more precise calculations like the incline of the ground and stability of the earth were taken into account. However the curvature of the earth was not a factor in any building humans have built. Take for example the Suez canal. The Suez canal is a 100 mile canal built between the Mediterranean sea and the Red sea. When constructed the curvature of the Earth was not taken into account. You would think that over 100 miles the canal might drop 1 or 2 feet but it doesn't, its built without a slope 26 feet under sea level. Other examples of building projects that did not take into account the curvature of the earth into account include but is not limited to the Erie Canal, and the Golden Gate bridge.